Google Glass – Shut Up and Take my Money?

Google Glass - Shut Up and Take my Money?

I’ve been watching the hype around Google’s new augmented reality product with great interest. Whatever your opinion as to whether you’d be seen dead in public wearing one, even the most hardened technology cynic would have to agree that they’ve captured the public interest with Glass.

I think that deep down anyone with the least amount of “techno-joy” as Eddie Izzard would put it, will love the idea of Glass. There’s something compellingly sy-fy’esque about wearing a device that feeds information directly across your field of vision.

As time progresses the hardware will become smaller and more proficient and the control system easier to use. There is no doubt that Glass fits the mold of a disruptive technology very well. However, it’s adoption I think will depend largely on three factors:

1. Will people feel socially awkward wearing Glass – The current headset isn’t really a fashion statement regardless of how hard Google are trying to persuade us that it is with futuristic depictions of models wearing it. Miniaturization and designer renditions of Glass will help with this in the future.

2. The apps – we love the idea of information relevant to us being laid across our field of vision (Iron Man anyone?) but that information has to be both timely and relevant.

3. The privacy issues – anyone wearing glass can potentially take a video of photo of you without you noticing…not only is this an invasion of privacy potentially but there are copyright issues here. How do you know that someone visiting a cinema isn’t taping the film?

The issues around privacy actually go deeper than this. Imagine your Google Glass can scan someone’s face, recogise them and feed you information directly about them. The issues around surveillance and further erosion of personal freedoms abound.

All this being said I’ll be watching the Google Glass story with great interest as it launches and, yes, I will be getting my pair!


Hill Walking in The Black Mountains Wales 2013

Hill Walking in The Black Mountains Wales 2013

Early May saw a hill walking expedition in the Black Mountains with some friends. The Black Mountains are an unexpected experience. Jutting out of the foothills to the west of the Forest of Dene and Monmouth, the Black Mountains ascend to just over 2,000 ft. The terrain is bleak and surprisingly marsh ridden but carries a harsh beauty which is quite captivating. Our ascent was a little strenuous but climbing these hills is nothing you should be afraid of if you’re reasonably fit and the views from the summits are worth the effort.

The foot of the mountains are forested with some beautiful lower level walks. Plenty of places to camp near by if you wanted to make a weekend of it. I know that now I’ve discovered them I’ll be going back there soon!