Forget Google Glass – Take a Look at Recon Jet Sunglasses!

With all the hype around Glass it’s easy to overlook other players in this market. Recon Jet’s sunglasses are really built with sports in mind. Their sleek design and the fact that sports sunglasses tend to be more chunky means that you can wear this device, ski down a mountainside or leap out of a plane and not look geeky doing it. You can even be relatively certain your glasses won’t fall off because Recon Jet have thought quite carefully about balance placing the devices’ batteries on the opposite side of the glasses to the electronics.

The Recon Jet Sunglasses utilize a dual core processor and dedicated GPU. They have WIFI, ANT+, Bluetooth, a HD camera and GPS integrated. Much like Glass, the sunglasses are controlled by swiping on the right hand side of the device and the display, when not in use resides on the bottom right of your screen in your peripheral vision. The choice of a dedicated GPU means that the graphics are sharp and compelling.

Much like Glass, many of the applications for the Recon Jet Sunglasses are still in development but most of the applications are likely to cater to the sports enthusiasts if the marketing is anything to go by: heart rate monitors, timers, geo-location, sports performance enhancement information, etc. They will also include social media integration and audio/video download and upload from other devices.

At a predicted retail price of $300 – $400 dollars this device would certainly make me think twice about purchasing Glass.