Personal Recommendations

Joshua Pickus

President and CEO at

Orhan played a key role for us at SupportSoft as an expert in broadband technology support issues. Based on his deep background at service providers he was immensely knowledagble about the relevant issues and consistently contributed value to client engagements. He is an outstanding presenter and was able to develop strong relationships with a range of clients. he is a real team player and would be a credit to any organization.

September 7, 2010, Joshua managed Orhan indirectly at SupportSoft

Brad Stauffer

President at Digital Foundry, Inc.

I, along with my colleagues at Digital Foundry, really enjoyed working with Orhan and his team at UPC. Orhan is insightful, extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. I hope our career paths cross again soon!

September 17, 2010, Brad was with another company when working with Orhan at UPC / chello / UGC / Liberty Global

Mitch Clarke

Executive Vice President at Multiband Corporation

Orhan has vision of future product development well before it’s time. He requires little supervision and delivers high quality end results. Great public presentation skills. Patient yet demanding of results. It was a pleasure to work with him and he taught our team daily on complex issues by making them simple to understand. A rare find.

mitch clarke

September 8, 2010, Mitch managed Orhan at chello/UPC

Jeff Wilhelm

Sr Vice President Professional Services at ACI Worldwide

I have worked with Orhan for years at Supportsoft and Consona and I have witnessed his skills firsthand many times. Orhan is a very thorough, detailed, and quality-conscious employee. He has exceptional skills in breaking down complex problems into consumable/understandable parts. he has a tremendous dedication to his work and will do what it takes to get it right. He is an exceptional presenter to all levels – including c-level executives. I would consider Orhan an A-Player for any company.

September 30, 2010, Jeff managed Orhan indirectly at Supportsoft

Andy Taylor

Contractor: Procurement at Virgin Media

I came into contact with Orhan when he was working at Support Soft and then at Consona. I was consistently impressed by his attitude, depth of knowledge and analytical ability. For me as a customer, looking to deploy CRM software to best effect, customer satisfaction and Total Cost of Ownership were key drivers. Orhan instinctively understood that, and was consequently a great help in “going beyond the software” to ensure that we created relevant and effective solutions.

October 30, 2010, Andy was Orhan’s client

Nicolette Wuring

Author of the #1 Customer Advocacy Book | Top Customer Mgt Executive exploring new opportunities

Orhan his thought leadership where Customer Service 3.0 is concerned put UPC at the forefront of self care, self service and assisted service, generating game changing experiences for its customers, a material decrease of the Cost to Serve, increasing customer loyalty, generating customer advocacy and positively impacting customer lifetime value and customer share.

November 29, 2010, Nicolette managed Orhan at UPC / chello / UGC / Liberty Global

Alberto Fourie

IT Business Professional & Entrepreneur

I had the privilege of working with Orhan at UPC Broadband and found him to be articulate and intellectually impressive. No doubt he had fostered strong internal relationships as it was evident amongst the leadership that he was a well respected leader at UPC. Non more so than his team which he lead rather than just managed.
Orhan also proved his resourcefulness in that he was able to take the idea for a Customer Self Service tool from concept to completion. Most certainly a great achievement for the team, by and large attributed to Orhan’s vision and leadership.

Needless to say, Orhan has the innate ability to make a real difference to any organization and comes with my highest recommendation.

September 13, 2010, Alberto reported to Orhan at UPC

Renee DeCarlo Gray

Product Marketing at SolarWinds

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Orhan for several years in both his roles within SupportSoft and Consona. He is intelligent, creative, energetic and most importantly, he cares – about the company, it’s customers and the people he works alongside. He is the type of leader you want on your team and one you can guarantee will go that extra mile to get the job done – and done well! I certainly hope our professional paths cross again.

November 10, 2010, Renee DeCarlo worked directly with Orhan at SupportSoft

Aleksej Panfilov

Product Development Manager at UPC Broadband

Impressed by reading all the recommendations Orhan has received? Well, you should, because Orhan combines being a highly skilled multidisciplinary professional with being an extremely nice person to work with/for. With his knowledge, experience, insight and lovely personality he always creates a pleasant atmosphere and engages the best out of everyone. I had the pleasure and honor to work with Orhan – extremely recommendable!!!

September 24, 2010, Aleksej reported to Orhan at UPC / chello / UGC / Liberty Global

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